China's economic crossroads: Can growth be revived?

Does China’s recent economic weakness bely a broken economic model? Or can accommodative monetary and fiscal policy restart the world's growth engine?

Hear from

Speaker portrait

 Arthur Kroeber

 Partner and Head of Research
Speaker portrait

 Yan Wang

 Chief EM & China Strategist
 Alpine Macro
Speaker portrait

 Ian Hissey

 Regional Manager
 Macrobond Financial


Watch an insightful webinar that explores the challenges and opportunities facing China's economy. 

Our distinguished speakers examined: 
•    China's economic dilemma: is this just a transitory period of weakness, or should China fundamentally reassess its economic model?
•    Policy solutions: how might accommodative monetary and fiscal policies reignite China's economic engine, and what would be the potential impacts on the global economy?
•    Identifying growth signposts: What are the key indicators and markers that might provide guidance on China's future growth trajectory?
•    Geopolitical factors: how will current international dynamics influence China's economic prospects?

Watch now to gain valuable insights into one of the most significant economic questions of our time.

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