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Unlocking the secrets of Saudi Arabia's economic boom: The driving forces behind its phenomenal growth

16 May 2023

Hear from

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    Dr Said Al-Shaikh  

     Assistant Professor of Economics
     Director General of Studies and Consultations Center​​​
     University of Business & Technology
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    Dr Naif Al-Ghaith 

     Chief Economist
     Riyad Bank
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   Farouk Soussa 

    MENA Economist
    Goldman Sachs


Saudi Vision 2030 continues to be a catalyst for growth in the Kingdom. Hear from Saudi economists Dr Said Al-Shaikh and Dr Naif Al-Ghaith, as well as Goldman Sachs Economist Farouk Soussa, as they delve into the dynamic growth of Saudi Arabia and its impact on the oil industry and wider economic activity in the region. 

Our expert panel will explore the macro view of the region and Saudi Arabia's economic landscape, providing a comprehensive analysis of the region's fiscal and economic trends.

Register now and stay ahead of the curve in one of the world's most influential energy markets and MENA's biggest economy.

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