2023: Resilience, fiscal restraint and the prospect for a Fed pivot in a truly different cycle

11 JANUARY 2023: 10-11AM EST | 3-4PM GMT | 4–5PM CET | 7–8PM GST

Hear from

Daniel Tenengauzer 

Managing Director | Head of Markets Strategy, BNY Mellon

Lauren Goodwin

Economist | Director of Portfolio Strategy, New York Life Investments

Steven Friedman

Managing Director | Macro & Quantitative Solutions, MacKay Shields LLC


How will this economic cycle be profoundly different from its predecessors? What counts as a “safe” asset if the era of low inflation, cheap money and fiscal support is decidedly over? Will we get the much-anticipated Fed “pivot” and a soft landing, or will stubborn inflation lead to a tough recession? Our speakers address the most debated themes of 2023 and anticipate potential surprises.

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